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Our References

Main references from our software developments in Frontend and Backoffices.

Nomos AG

Nomos AG specializes in rare and beautiful ancient, medieval and early modern coins and medals.

The long-standing partnership with Nomos AG makes it possible to integrate new development approaches in the field of online auctions and to enable a simple and pleasant workflow for employees.

Leu Numismatik AG

Leu Numismatik AG is an auction house for Greek, Roman, Byzantine, medieval and modern coins.

Several online auctions take place every year. For the online auctions of ancient coins, Coding Continuum ensures stable and secure performance while several 1000 people bid on the unique pieces at the same time. This solution is also exciting for art dealers and other auction houses. Let us advise you.

Zoix Jawoll

The Fellfilzerei Jawoll is a small craft manufactory. Sheep's wool skins are felted here. The airy accessories are made of 100% wool, completely without leather. A wonderful feeling for animals and the environment.

A completely new back office area for special parameters relating to wool was created for the Jawoll fur felting plant. As well as a web shop for unique products and various workshop offers. Exciting for us to be able to grow with a startup idea.